My Famous Recipe.I have named it steak with fresh cream and dhanyia rice

I could never cook food or bake any cake,I would always ask my mother or aunts that i would like to make say for instance curry however i never knew what spices had to be thrown in there. During the years i was forced to learn how to cook as i was married living on my own and i had a child at the time. I had to feed them so as i became more and more interested in cooking and baking i did it more often as i was still on a learning curve. Since that time i have been cooking ever since .And is now more of a norm thing that i do,I must say though i love to cook and bake now.I would Cook up storms and bake when ever i need and  want to.So today i would like to share one of my easy recipes with you guys that most of my family and friend members love.Its called steak with fresh cream and Dhanyia rice

So what you will need is:


2 cups of white rice

1 bunch of dhanyia

barbeque spice

250ml fresh cream

1 teaspoon garlic

2 onions

Guys this is a really nice dish as you will love it. So you take your steak cut it in nice strips put it in pot with no water on low heat till it is tenderised.You dont need to throw in any water or oil,the steak cooks in its own water. Once tenderised you put in your barbeque spice and your fresh cream and simmer for about 15mins.

While your steak is simmering boil your rice with a bit of salt,Cut up your onions brown it a bit in a pan or pot with a small bit of oil,When onions is done put in your teaspoon garlic and dhanyia,Then when rice is boiled and strained you throw you rice in your onion mixture and let it dry out a bit.

Enjoy your steak with your fresh cream.

Madeniyah Edwards

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in all praise of motherhood,parenting

At times mothers get classified as having a easy job! Parenting kids running households and being a wife to your husband, when your job is not that easy, woman is the most amazing thing on earth that i admire and and always try to empower and encourage.

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starting off with S.E.O

  1. ”This is the first, and perhaps the most important, step in any solid SEO campaign. Try to start with the top five to ten key words or phrases you think your potential customers will use to find you. Utilize tools like Google’s Keyword Tool to ensure the words you choose are the most relevant and unique for your business.Titles:  It is important to remember to use your most relevant keywords in your website pages. Search engine spiders will ‘crawl’ the title of each page first, so page titles are very important to get right.Meta DescriptionTag: Descriptions are surely important; they need to be “efficiently descriptive” to tell the spiders precisely what the page is all about using targeted and economical use of words.Content:  many  people overlook the value of content on their website as it relates to SEO.  Be sure to create unique content for your entire site, first focusing on your main page and the introductions. This content should include your keywords, but be careful not to overuse them – search engines don’t ‘like’ word stuffing. Write for people, not for search engines.  With well written content, the SEO will take care of itself.Blogs: recently updated information and blogs are an efficient and expedient way to create fresh content for the spiders.  Set up a blog and faithfully post to it as often as possible. Be sure the content is fresh and relevant to your readers.Analytics:  Analytic software is the best way to monitor the traffic your site receives. Use it to track where your visitors come from, how they found you and what they do once they arrive at your site. This information can then be utilized to tweak your SEO campaign appropriately. We recommend Google Analytics.monitor:  When you first begin your campaign, your site is not likely to rank very high, but the longer you work at it, the higher your rankings should be. Be sure to check your rankings on a regular basis – preferably daily.”
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Steaming to Sirmione

Plus Ultra

En route to Milan, the western shore of Lake Garda was a one-night stopover on a whirlwind tour through northern Italy.

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Gelotology – the study of laughter


Today I discovered that I am just as skilled at laughing as I am at crying, so I googled ‘laughing’ and found another new word!

Today I told Anthony that I had rung the taxi company to get the money back for the unnecessary second trip yesterday and we would be reimbursed, but all he could say was, “I didn’t like the way that taxi driver put his arm around you.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Today I wrote a blogpost about being nagged by Ming, our 18-year-old son and the first thing he said when he got home from music school was, “What’s this dirt on the carpet? You came inside with your boots on didn’t you.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Today, one of our roosters, Tina Turner, who has taken over the whole chook harem, attacked me more viciously than ever before when I went to feed the hens. He drew blood! Well…

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hitting the road

style sprite

blazer: Rugby by Ralph Lauren; sweater: Club Monaco; shorts: Club Monaco; shoes: Tory Burch; carryall: Rugby; purse: J. Crew; necklace: anthropologie; cuff: DANNIJO

Things are a little crazy here at sprite HQ as I’m heading off to San Francisco for a little R&R (don’t worry my pets, I will keep up a steady stream of posts). In the last hour, the list of things I need to do before departure has grown exponentially but just because I am likely to be racing through JFK at break-neck speed does not mean I have to skimp on style.

This outfit may seem a tad formal for a long flight but when I travel, I like to wear items that come in once I’m at my destination. I thought this classic blazer would be perfect for the cooler nights of Northern California while the shorts give a nod…

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